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We wish to expand operations in aiding local communities. Young and elderly alike and people with special needs. Mapping out a positive future no matter how small a contribution you think you could make see if you ideas can be implemented in our 3 year plan. Ideas and plans for the future :

Event coming up for Spring 2013 : Stirling Aid’s Strathcarron Hospice Help .. Contact us if you want to take part.


Enterprise Modelling Research and Development Team
Creating of an BusinessTeam that will look specifically at Projects that can create financially viable projects locally. That can run on their own feet that can aid Stirling Aid through out its projects
  • Idea : Service Vehicle Centre – Social Enterpise
    With the Creation of this ambitious project. We wish engage local community by simply bringing in your vehicles for servicing into our Centre. Have your vehicle professionally serviced and valeted knowing that you will be contributing to your community by using our facilities. Each vehicle will be serviced by a mechanic together with apprentices being guided and taught into vehicle repair.The back office will also be ran as a training ground for back office type work. This includes Marketing, Web Design , Accounting and Customer Services. The Centre envisages to engage companies small and big to use our facilities and in turn aid local community. This will allow companies to take up social responsibilities who may have become successful and can contribute to the local communities allow them to feel a part of something that ‘gives back’ . Bit like secret millionaires without having to be either. Profits would be put back into expand operations for further development of Stirling Aid and hence benefit the local community. If you can contribute to this effort please get in touch.