Stirling Aid is proud to stand to shoulder to shoulder to Aid4All Charity in Stirling. Please donate as much as you can to their wonderful cause. Their current Project is helping refugees from Syria’s Conflict. Dr Ghassan and Dr Amar have just returned from clinics see more on  

Pakistan Floods – Situation

Number of reporting disease cases is increasing. Until 18 August, 204 040 of acute diarrhoea, 263 356 cases of skin diseases and 204 647 of acute respiratory have been reported in flood-affected provinces. For more information, see the Pakistan Health Cluster Bulletin. COMMUNICABLE DISEASE SITUATION UPDATE FLOOD AFFECTEd DISTRICTS, PAKISTAN (18 AUG, 2010) This report […]

Shufat Initiative for Stirling

Congratulations to the Shufat Initiative for Stirling . Lets support this little known camp in the west bank. Overflowing rubbish. Horrendous Checkpoints. The Shu’fat Refugee Camp was established in 1965-1966, the last of all the large Palestinian refugee camps established in the West Bank it was created to give shelter to Palestinian refugees who were […]