First Food Packs Delivered
The first batch of Food Packs were delivered. Just over 500 Food Packs were sent to Glasgow Airport to flyout to Pakistan.
Food Pack Program from PIA
Pakistan’s Airline Free Cargo for Disaster
Stirling Islamic Centre Collecting Funds for Pakistan
Gaza – The Real situation
Associated Press writer. Tells it like it is.
A real Account of the flotilla Attack
A real Account of what happened on Mavi Marmara.
May 9th-10th Fund Raisers
Return to Gaza- Documentary April 2010
4th December Collection
Trying to Raise funds for 508 Merc Ambulance
The Route To Gaza
Ambulance Collection
Fundraising events

International Flotilla to Bring aid to Gaza

On 23 May, an international flotilla of cargo and passenger ships will depart from various European ports and set sail for Gaza. Three cargo ships will carry over 5,000 tonnes of medical and building supplies, and five passenger boats will carry over 600 people.

  • This flotilla is being led by the IHH charity from Turkey, and is supported by many groups worldwide, including the Free Gaza Movement, Free Palestine Movement, European Campaign to End the Siege of Gaza and the Greek and Swedish Boat to Gaza groups, amongst others.In January of this year, IHH was an integral partner with Viva Palestina on the convoy to Gaza, where 500 people in over 200 vehicles successfully broke the siege on Gaza and delivered essential humanitarian aid. Viva Palestina are therefore very proud to announce their involvement with IHH again on this flotilla, and in addition to sending medical and building supplies, a Viva Palestina Coalition team will be on board this historic journey.
  • 3rd Convoy arrives safe in Gaza

  • GAZA -new Viva PalestinaDecember 4th 2009

  • Board helping in purchase of vehicles for convoy members. Thanks again to all those helping source vehicles for the convoy
  • Interested helpers and volunteers for fund raising next year can please contact us.
  • Fully Supporting the efforts of reaching aid to Gaza
  • Previous Campaign Effective Dates 25th January 2009 -Leaving on 13th February

  • Watch us on GMTV Friday Morning – 13 February Morning Time-
  • Team delivers aid and arrives back -16th March 2009

Thanks to everyone who took part, donated and participated.