Estimated Magic Over 400,000 Meals Delivered.

Stirling Aid has hit a huge milestone of  a distribution of the  equivalent of 400,000 meals!!
Thats right! Travelling from Stirling, Cumbernauld to Newton Mearns picking up excess supermarkets and dropped it off to needy foodbanks and high rise flats around Glasgow!
We must thank the volunteers that have helped last month.
Connie, Saadya , Nadeem, Lucas and Sulayman. The boys have been helping at the Gorbals foodbank helping to serve almost 220 families for the Duke of Edinburgh – working hard for a Well deserved award. As can be seen from photos the estimated 520,000 was estimated but actuals were reconciled by Fareshare once there computers put in actuals.New figures will be actuals in the next post
We must thank volunteers who have helped through out the year. These include Ayesha and Zeeshan,
Rehan , Alister and Nadeem. Stirlingshire pickups and food packs have been done by Azra, Tariq, Awais,Sabah and Ayesha helping through out the year! Cumbernauld pickups have been amazing with Sami he continued to help support this effort.
Special mentions the Staff at Tesco’s Cumbernauld  who have helped us achieve these fantastic target. Gillian ,Lynzie, Patricia, Mary Anne ,Chloe, Christine’s! All three, Keiran, Freddy, Sean, Donna and Debbie, Three managers all called Peter!They have always topped us off with extra stuff that could easily have been binned. Please forgive me us if we miss any names. The team have organised Runs and Charity events to buy even more food for the charity to help us.
We thank Fareshare for continuing to support the organisation with Fruit and Veg.
The foodbanks receiving help include
Kindness Charity
Empower Women For Change
Gorbals Community Shop at the Destiny Church
Central Mosque Food Poverty Program
High Rise food projects at Royston Flats, Townhead Flats and Sandyhills
Over the top of these include in support of the Interfaith Food Justice Network where there has been short falls we have gone out making foodpacks directly to those that we are able to. Many organisation are supported and we work closely with them. The Humble Group operating out of Baillieston right the way through to support in Ibrox and Govan.
The statistics are from Fareshare below as they monitor what we take from the supermarket leftovers
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