Rebuild a Village Project : Jogian in Pakistan

Stirling Residents and Stirling Aid have assisted to  rebuild a village in Pakistan. Both Azam and Azra and Father Haji Ghulam Haider have visted the area in 2011.
Assisting local charity worker Mr Shaukat Qureshi have together with Oxford and Birmingham Residents have successfully rebuilt a village that was wiped out in the  Pakistan Floods. What started off as project to help a  few houses, the project has grown into a proper village with water pumps and also the basics of a community hall.

GREAT NEWS from our Man Shaukat:

1) AlhamduLillah, the basic structures for 48 small homes (43 in the last report of 4th November 2012) have been completed and I wanted good progress before bothering you with more of my, perhaps, irritating emails.

2) It came to my attention that only one flood-destroyed home now remains to be rebuilt in the village. Insha’Allah, it’s hoped that this will not remain the case for long. As all the other homes have been, thankfully rebuilt, I feel extra hopeful that this one will also get rebuilt.

Furthermore, as all but one of the flood devastated homes in this village have been rebuilt, I want to sincerely thank all my dear friends once again who have made very generous donations and supported our humble work. Without your support, this wonderful dream just could not have been realised. May The Almighty reward & bless you and your families abundantly as only He can – Aameen.


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