Massive 100,000kg food picked up and redistributed to those in need

Hit the magic 100,000 kg of food deliveries 🚚, many of the food banks rely on this source as a means to get Fresh items.Often its the only source
In addition to the Kindness group Empower women for Change we now have a new group that is working in the centre of Glasgow Gorbals area in the Community shop, it is called the Destiny Community shop, volunteers are picking up food from Tesco’s.
There was little or no fresh items here
We would like to thank the customer services teams in Tescos especially in the last few weeks who have gone over and above the call of duty as they have helped people that were in need food immediately ,in the surrounding areas when all the food banks were actually closed approaching midnight.
A special thanks Andrea and Marianne who made emergency foodpacks and really are a credit to Tescos!
Also the Managers Donna ,and Peter for their trust and continued support to this effort.

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